Social Media Management

  • Engineered virality
  • Content SchedulingĀ 
  • Content Direction
  • Trend analysis
  • Live Viewer Traffic
  • Engagement Groups
  • Shoutout ExchangeĀ 
  • Visualized Analytics
ErisManagment | Onlyfans Management Agency Social Media Management
ErisManagment | Onlyfans Management Agency Partnership Sourcing

Partnership Sourcing

Our team takes the struggle of finding and contacting brands for partnerships off your hands so you can focus on creating your content whilst gaining the benefit of free products, promotion, and payouts from brand deals.

Client Optimization

Maintaining client relations is a vital part of maximizing earnings. The independent adult entertainment industry is based on providing a sense of companionship. Our sales funnels help turn traffic into paying customers. Direct message management engages your most active customers to maximize your earnings from personalized & exclusive content

ErisManagment | Onlyfans Management Agency Partnership Sourcing


We don’t make money unless you do. We charge through a profit sharing system. You get to keep the average of your last three months of earnings untouched. Any earnings above that there is a 30% management fee.

Simply go to our Contact Page and fill out the application form. You will be asked to input your Instagram and Onlyfans page. If you do not have an OnlyFans page already don’t worry we will help you set one up.

*Must be 18+ to apply*

If selected you will be notified through email and invited to a digital interview. During that interview we will discuss more specifics about our growth strategies and create a tailored plan for you once you sign on.

You have complete freedom to create the content you want! We will never require you to do anything you are not comfortable doing. During your interview you will fill out a sheet with the content you wish to create and we will adapt our strategies to your preferences. You are not bound by this sheet and can change your decision at any time.

Currently we are not hiring but keep an eye out on our social medias and homepage that is where we will post open positions.